Saturday, 21 July 2007


Naxos island also belongs to Cyclades, it's 2h north from Santorini and it's much cheaper than other islands. It has many nice sandy beaches, crystal and hot waters, good food. Some beaches are good choice for windsurfing.
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In the entrance of Naxos you can see ''Portara'' (it means ''huge door''), the entrance of an ancient temple for God Apollo that was never ended. There are myths and legents why it was
left like this. It was built in a way that it faces Dilos, the island that was devoted to Apollo (its close to Mykonos and its an archaelogical momument- there are no people living on it).

Try to get lost in the small paths walking at the old city of naxos, a medieval village with narrow paths that was built in a castle for the fear of pirates! Your mind and body travels in the medieval ages, where there are no cars and noises, just castles, pirates and knights!

SANTORINI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ΣΑΝΤΟΡΙΝΗ !!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasnt sure about Santorini. It's the most touristic island in Greece with Mykonos. So im a bit ''afraid'' of these croweded islands (although i have spent great time there ... 5 times to Mykonos). But after a short visit, i was amazed with the island. Its unique! You just want to spend 24/24h with a camera in your hands- you dont want to miss even the littlest spot! Enjoy the pics....

The resolution of the photos is very high (3264X 2448). So click on them to see them in real size! Santorini belongs to Cyclades Islands, a group of islands in the middle of Greece. Its a bit more expensive than the other greek islands, very touristic (for more relax vacations, choose September or April to May).

The view to the caldera/volcano is fantastic! You can visit the caldera of the volcano by a small boat. The last time it exploded, was in 1949. So dont be afraid, although you never!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Peraia 2 - ΠΕΡΑΙΑ 2

Do you need anything else?

Peraia 1

cafe bars on the beach - frape, the national coffee

In the suburbs of Thessaloniki, 20 km from it and 5km from the airport.

From a Saturday walk in Peraia (suburbs of Thessaloniki) on Easter holiday

Kalamaria - Καλαμαριά

Kalamaria area in Thessaloniki

The front beach in the center of Thessaloniki